WEBSITES FOR WORKSHOP EXERCISE Joyce Valenza's website. Be sure to see her 'traditional' one too.

School Library Website Wiki to explore
Wiki with examples of 'best-practice' websites from all over the country, representing elementary, middle school and high school programs.


Patrick Larkin- principal in Mass. Beautiful job documenting the path to changing business as usual in the schoolhouse.
Joyce Valenza- recognized as one of the premier librarians and integration geniuses of our time. Her former superintendent said of her hire, "it was better than recruiting Hank Aaron."
Scott McLeod- University of Iowa academic who ruminates on technology, leadership and the future of our schools.
Disruptive Discourse: 21st Century Teaching and Learning
Buffy Hamilton- A cutting-edge librarian with ideas for all partners.
Robin Cicchetti- An award-winning librarian who transformed her traditional library into a Learning Commons.
Wesley Fryer-A digital learning educator heavy-weight: exceptional policy analysis such as filtering. . .


One of the world's most visited learning sites on the web.
Free Technology for Teachers
A review of free technology resources and how teachers can use them.
Ideas for integration.
School Learning Commons
The definitive source for reinventing school libraries and computer labs.


TED Talk by Larry Lessig: Laws that Choke Creativity:


Drive by Daniel Pink
A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink
Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein
Linchpin by Seth Godin
Connected by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler


Technology Tools 2009- Key Tools Every Educator Should Have in their Toolbox
A comprehensive list of web 2.0 resources with simple explanation and note about with whom they are popular.
Technology Tools Resources
Web tools aggregated by Academic librarians- complete, simple, interactive- simply excellent.
Learn Central (vRooms)
ex: Online Games and Virtual Worlds for Global Education: Resource Packet for Teachers
School 2.0 eToolKit


Educator's Royal Treatment
Education and education technology leaders share ideas and success stories
The Transforming Education Through Technology
Did You Know 4.0
Digital Generation Poject:
(Edutopia: What Works in Public Education)
The Digital Generation: Welcome to Their World

Digital Generation Parents Share Their Wisdom
Wikis in Plain English
Social Media in Plain English
What it means to be a tech savvy leader

Changing to Learn: Learning to Change
same on youtube

Empowering the 21st Century Superintendent
Learning to Change: Changing to Learn - Student Voices
A Vision of Students Today
A vision of K-12 Students Today
Emergent by Design: Educator Guide for Integrating Social Media
: Social Media Revolution