South Jr. High School
Nancy Henderson--8th grade Reading Teacher
Linda Brilz--parent, and Boise Pulic Librarian
Mary Karol Taylor--Teacher Librarian

Lake Hazel Middle School
Lois--Teacher Librarian

Obama's Educaiton Blueprint
more parity between locak districts and states.
local districts will have a chance to get $ based on what they're doing

"support the effective us of technology"
"increase resource equity"


"It's the death of educaton, but the dawn of learning."

Van Meter, Iowa --Shannon Miller--Van Meter Student Connects with Amy Efawl, (youtube) Points of

Laurence Gonzales--Survival Scholar, author of Deep Survival

Stephanie Sandifer: Web 2.0 in Schools You Tube

Ms. Shugaart, math teacher at Creekview High School on You Tube

What makes a library a library?

How do we make it theirs??? Not "my library" but THEIR library.

"Focus on what kids can't get anywhere else in the school." --Buffy

- have student IT fellowships
- encourage more student displays in library
- more comfortable seating
- footstools
- board game area
- get wireless in the secondary schools

Have students present new IT ideas to faculty.

Have high school students work on PSAs to go out to local media