Table 7- Middle schools

Top 3 concerns:
1. Make sure all students are readers and have access to books
2. Bigger picture of libraries important to school, community and country
3. Alligned Library Standards through K-12

From Administrators:
1.Everything schools do, ultimately revolves around the State mandate that we cover 3 Rs.
2. Make sure ALL students are proficeint

Introducing "The Moms":
Washington schools cut 50%- 3 moms spoke up and took advocacy to the state leg. and beyond.
  • Know specifically what you want.
  • Be positive and don't whine.
  • We're not advocating for your mamma's library. The world has changed!
  • Is our education system preparing kids for the future and the information landscape they will reside in?
  • Liscence to flourish!!

Obama- Education Blueprint- March 21010
Local districts can get funds based on inovations.
  • Study skills, using technology effectively
  • Family and community engagement, after school programs
  • Tackling resource disparity, achievement gaps, foster equity
  • High quality digital content- digital portfolios
  • Experimental learning, fostering creativity.

*Learning to change- changing to learn!*
Social networking a great world for authentic learning- think, reflect, opens a world community.
Students will be doing work that calls on multidisciplinary skills, team building, problem-solving.

Parent group answer to "What do kids need to know?":
"Instead of teaching abstinance, teach safe surfing!"

Working Lunch Videos:

1. Wizard of Apps video
2..Wallwisher Project Van Meter, Iowa- Web 2.0 tools in action!
3. Survival Checklist for Libraries Lawrence Gonzalves
  • Be adaptable, don't be in denial
  • Thnik Plan and Do
  • Look for silver lining
  • Take action- do something
  • Be a rescuer, not a victim
  • Be an independent thinker
  • Count your blessing- whining doesn't work
  • Focus on the children- we are the guardians of the future
4. Actual before and after photos of changes in a school library from money raised by parents- community grants. Physical changes, tech. changes, stats to support increased useage.
5. Using Web 2.0 tools in shcools.
6. Collaboration!!
7. What makes a Library a Library??

Solution-oriented, innovative group of people

Today's Objectives:

Five Relationships:
  1. Administrators
  2. Paretns
  3. Teachers
  4. Administrators
  5. Students

Six Foundations:
  • Website- it's your calling card
  • Physical Space- very important!
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Portals- view to what is being learned- showcase student work
  • Lookout- who is looking at what it should look like- "This is what's on the horizon." Leaders
  • Conduit- it is NOT an option NOT to collaborate
"Focus on things kids can't get anywhere else in the school."

Be thinking about what needs to change in your library in terms of strategies, systems, structures, policies, practices, procedures

Our group:
  • Spent most of our time with the first step in the First Foundation: Websites
  • We looked at each others websites and looked at Joyce Valenza's Library Website
  • IT student fellows
  • Getting admin and staff to use webpage
  • Make website priority to reinventing the library through a virtual space
  • Make the web page a destination for students, teachers, admins, parents

Other group ideas:
  • Twitter- challenge- give it just one week- will change your life- "Learned more than a docorate program"
  • Webcam in every classroom.
  • Community go wifi- every kids have a lasp top for school and home
  • Language links on library website
  • Student-run tech team
  • Not school, not home- "Third Space"
  • Teacher Tech workshops run by students
  • Treasure Valley Coffee cap. machine in library
  • PSAs made by HS students to introduce 21st Century ideas to "stake-holders" (parents, legislatures, etc.)
  • Power of Possibility video disc to show the good sides of tech

How will your participation today make a difference in the world??